Human resources are a key success factor for any company.

Emotional Strategies®, in partnership with TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® Italy, helps in recognizing talents and developing potential.

For more than 30 years, TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® has been the world leader in the assessment industry, offering tools to evaluate individual talent and potential and to improve human resources performance. TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® methodology is based on The DISC tool of the 4 color types, the most used behavioral evaluation model in the world. DISC was invented by William Marston in 1928 and has since been updated by TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® to a 8 personality types version.


The DiSC® model provides different tools for different areas of assessment: WORKPLACE, PERSON, TEAMWORK e SALES.

Each report indicates the person’s behavioral preferences, along with an outline of his/her deepest motivations to action and a qualitative assessment of his/her strengths and areas of improvement, thus laying the foundations for an improvement in relational skills and performance.

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