Emotional Intelligence Training Programs

Based on Daniel Goleman’s Methodology

Transform your life, developing the skills that allow you to achieve greater impact and effectiveness in your company and your life. Learn the 12 competencies of the IE model designed by Daniel Goleman: Self- awareness, Emotional Balance, Empathy, Organizational Awareness, Conflict Management, Positive Outlook, Achievement Orientation, Inspirational Leadership, Influence, Adaptability, Coaching and Mentoring and Teamwork.

Our training programs are designed around 4 key elements:
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They are all designed to ignite a tangible and long-lasting transformative process, which allows participants to apply every single skill both in their personal and professional life.

Experiencial Training Programs

Emotional Intelligence is key to personal and relationship management, and for this reason is so widely interwined with many professional activities.

Emotional Strategies® offers “Experiential” Training in Sales, Leadership, Communication, Public Speaking, Team Building and Conflict Management. Each course can be customized based on the context of intervention.

Each course offers a mix of training and coaching. The participant is assessed to discover his or her starting point in realtion to the goal and is helped to fill the gap between “knowledge” and “know-how”, also through the development of self-coaching skills.

Please contact us with your challenge and the specific goals you would like to achieve and we will work with you to provide the support you need to achieve the best outcome.