How can you change something you are not aware of?

Awareness is the principle of any transformation process. This is why Self Awareness is the cornerstone on which to build all other Emotional Intelligence skills. Bioenergetics, Mindfulness and Focusing are disciplines that provide tools to increase the level of self-awareness and foster a knowledge that comes from within.


Bioenergetics, developed by the American doctor and psychotherapist Alexander Lowen, is an approach which allows us to understand personality through the body. It is based on the principle tha mind, body and emotions are deeply connected. Bioenergetics includes a range of exercises aimed at releasing tensions, reducing stress, improving your grounding, feeling the pleasure of being alive and vibrant and creatively experiencing the relationship with yourself and with others.


Mindfulness is the art of living with a moment by moment presence, being aware of one’s thoughts, emotions, body sensations as well as the surrounding environment. There are now numerous scientific researches that support the positive effects of Mindfulness on stress reduction, improvement of mental clarity, concentration ability and the level of empathy towards oneself and others.


Developed by the philosopher and psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin, Focusing is an approach that allows you to draw on your inner wisdom, bringing what the body feels to a cognitive level, symbolising and expressing those experiences that are hard to explain.